“consider the hand that will hold the handle.” 

i like to combine traditional and non-traditional media in alternative ways to create a cohesive aesthetic that seeks to break away from the one-dimensional manifesto art of postmodernism.  my objective in making art is simply to translate an experience to an audience in a relatable way.  sometimes that means i interact with them through their morning cup of joe.  sometimes it means i pull them into a sunset of ink and paper or paint on wood.  other times they are encouraged to participate in interactive installations or by walking around wearing one of my t-shirts.  i try to constantly remind myself to consider the hand that will hold the handle in all things that i make.

i began simply making pots trying to develop ideas of form and function.  i switched gears in graduate school, as many of us do, and stepped into the arena of installation.  post-grad school and trying to eek out a living forced me back into functional work.  out of boredom, I began incorporating imagery and storytelling.  block printing and relief-print ceramics evolved from prints on ceramic sculptures to pottery. the idea of repeatable imagery made me consider using stencils in my paintings.  the stencils then showed up on tshirts.  everything plays off of everything else plays off the color palate of the midwest. 
-zach medler, 2011

You can shop ZMEDCeramics online at our Etsy shop, and at the following places:
(full listing available on Facebook

Indiana State Museum - Indianapolis, IN
Fort Wayne Museum of Art - Fort Wayne, IN
Artists' Own - Lafayette, IN
Curly Tale Fine Art - Chicago, IL
Grovewood Gallery - Asheville, NC

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