Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday in Chicago

We spent yesterday in Chicago. I had some important documents that I had to pick up in person, so Zach and I decided to make it a fun little day trip.

milwaukee ave. wicker park

As usual, we went in search of some street art. We saw some cool ones,

mindy's new favorite....penny pinch!

and left a "throwie" of our own!

We wandered back to Logan Square and found our way into Galerie F which houses an eclectic collection of art prints and street art merchandise. The outside of the gallery was adorned with new works.

bear champ JC rivera

galerie f


I had wanted to go there the last time we were in town but they are not open on Mondays. So this time, I skipped in with glee ...

penny pinch
penny pinch 'crowds' original painting
chema skandal...a print reminder of the awfulness of last winter
don't fret
don't fret...a chi favorite...this one seemed appropriate for us
bear champ jc rivera
jc rivera...aka the bearchamp...we picked up this print along with a limited edition figurine called 'dead as fuck'...this guy is all over logan square right now...

and skipped out with four original prints. Zach and I couldn't resist. These signed and numbered prints are an inexpensive way to invest in pieces of art that are otherwise unobtainable, and also such a cool way to support street artists whose works we enjoy!

p.s. pictures captioned by Zach!

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