Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free Parking in Humboldt Park!

Zach and I had the best experience dining omakase at Sushi Yasuda when we were in New York earlier this year. We wanted to relive that experience, so we made a reservation at the renowned Chicago Japanese fusion restaurant, KaiZan, for dinner. I am always overly excited by the fact that we can park for free in the Humboldt Park neighborhood! For me, it's one little perk of dining at KaiZan!

tuna and escolar with soy and truffle oil-soaked scallions
oyster shooter served in ponzu sauce with black tobiko, quail egg
uni shooter served in ponzu sauce with black tobiko, quail egg
"madai carpaccio" - red snapper topped with black tobiko and basil miso
"angry crab" - spicy crab wrapped in fresh tuna, topped with tempura crunch

shiitake mushroom broth with a piece of seared tuna
grilled escolar with black tobiko topping
tako yaki - fried octopus dumpling with tako yaki sauce and bonito flakes
"char siu" - grilled pork belly with broccolini
tako wasabi salad
"fiesta maki" - tuna, salmon, jalapeno, avocado cilantro, masago, chili oil, and lime juice
sake-steamed New Zealand mussel topped with black tobiko and negi mayo

10 courses. We both stumbled out of the tiny restaurant with our bellies full. Kai Zan's version of "omakase" is really more like a prix fixe. We were served the same dishes we had before when we dined there almost 2 years ago. Chefs Melvin and Carlo Vizconde are masters at blending flavors and textures. You eat there because you want something creative and adventurous.

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