Saturday, December 6, 2014

Button Madness!

I think I might be on Santa's naughty list. I broke into my Christmas gift 2 weeks early. There isn't even a good excuse for my doing so. I just couldn't wait to test out the new button-making machine. I've been collecting buttons and badges since I was 12, so having a button machine to make my own has always been my dream ...  

The button maker arrived at our house on Thursday. I was supposed to take it to Zach's mom so she can wrap it up for Christmas. Instead, egged on by Zach, I tore into the box and took everything out. I told myself I was just going to take a look at the machine. Alas, admiring the machine quickly turned into experimenting with it, which, by the end of Thursday night, became unabashedly working with it. The first thing I did, of course, was make kitty cat buttons. I hand-drew and colored each button.

The next thing I did, was AlphaCats. I drew a total of 4 sets of these on magazine pages.

Zach saw all the fun I was having and decided to join in. He spent all of Friday carving 1-inch stamps. I think he ended up with 60+ stamps. Today, he sat down to turn his stamps into buttons.

zmed studio

See anything you fancy? We'll be packaging some of these for the studio open house next Sunday (December 14th) where you'll be able to pick these up for a steal. And speaking of the open house, stay tuned to Facebook if you'd like some sneak peeks of what else we'll have!

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