Monday, April 7, 2014

from the studio: 4.7.14

i've arranged an upcoming show at artists' own, featuring the artists of foam city, and wall space is going to be limited.  so i'm working on a 3D assemblage piece, so everyone else can use the walls.  i'm excited to be able to bring these artists to AO for a group show.  they all bring something new to the table.  we will have printmaking, drawing, digital animation, sculpture, interactive art and generally new art concepts and ideas for our area.  

the piece i'm working on is still very much an unfinished idea.  it will be a structure that can be viewed inside and out.  what the structure will be exactly is up in the air, but it will feature my usual conglomeration of parts, pieces, stencils and prints, with a few interactive elements thrown in.  this is the first of 2 walls i built today.  i've got a lot of junk and panels in my studio, so I can technically build a bunch of these, and i just may.  i have several things coming up and i need to make some new work.  so stay tuned to see where this goes.

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