Friday, April 25, 2014

{Five for Friday} 5 Earliest Childhood Memories

How much do you remember about your childhood? What are some of your earliest memories? I posed the question to Zach, and here are his answers ...

i remember a lot about the house i lived in before i was 4 in berne, indiana.  there was a connecting room with two entrances that my brother and i would chase each other through, running in circles.  i remember moving.  i remember riding in the truck with my grandfather, eating donut holes and drinking apple cider while he smoked cigarettes out the window.

i remember church as a very young kid.  i remember feeling small beneath the gigantic stained glass church windows at whatever church it was that we went to when i was very young.  i remember the light from them mostly, being profoundly interested in the way that there is gleaming and not gleaming.

i remember the dog from when i was very young.  his name was shane.  i remember being very sad when i came home from pre-school one day and my mom told me that an angel had come to take shane.  i remember being so jealous that my brother got to see the angel take the dog away, and i didn't.

i remember doing donuts in the driveway in our big wheels.  it was awesome when you could leave a black plastic skid.

i mostly remember playing with my brothers.  we had a woods behind our house.  we'd play gi joe and rambo.  i climbed the trees.  we built a trail.  we played whiffle ball in the yard where the bush was first base, the basketball goal was 2nd, the rock was 3rd and the big ass oak tree was home plate.  i remember my dad bitching at us to no end because we were wearing tracks in the yard down the baselines and where we stood to bat.  we played 'diving catches' where one of us would throw the ball just out of reach of the other and you'd have to dive to catch it or not catch it.  for some reasons we always dove for balls on the acorns underneath the oak tree.  or when it was too hot and we couldn't go to the pool, we'd play in the hose.

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