Sunday, December 29, 2013

still in love with that boy from art theory class ...

Zach and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today! And for the very first time, we are spending the day at home. We decided that in lieu of a weekend trip somewhere, we'd stay at home this year and try to recreate our wedding dinner.

We had only 15 guests at our wedding, so we were able to put together an awesome meal for everyone. We worked closely with the caterers to come up with recipes that we really loved. We had bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds and a festive-looking cranberries, pecans, and rosemary brie en croute for appetizers. Then we started dinner off with piping hot bowls of Italian wedding soup. And because we had the most incredible seafood supplier in town, we served sautéed lobster tails, baked scallops, and a side of pumpkin risotto for the entrée. The hearty meal was capped off with a tiny serving of winter fruit compote and a large slice of cheesecake.

For today's meal, we're simplifying the elaborate menu a little. There will be no appetizers or soup. We'll sauté the lobster and the scallops in butter, garlic, and white wine. And instead of pumpkin risotto, we'll make a version with crab and asparagus ('cos you can never have too much seafood!). We're also skipping the fruit compote and heavy cheesecake in favor of a lighter Japanese cotton cheesecake.

There is so much prepping and cooking to do, we best get to it! If you're interested in the recipe for the Japanese cotton cheesecake, check back next weekend. I'm planning on sharing the recipe if the cake turns out delicious!

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