Friday, March 29, 2013

Garden Update: Late March

The sun's out and the snow from the other day is melting! Finally, a day in the 50s! We've been itching to play in the garden, so we decided not to let the day go to waste.

We cleaned up some of the herbs and plants from last year ...

lemon thyme
blueberry bush
And we also went to Bennett's Greenhouse, where we bought ourselves some new plants ...

"opal innocence" smells fruity with a hint of vanilla. zach always lets me get a "fun" plant when we go to Bennett's and this was my pick today! 
everbearing strawberries

If you remember, we had also sown some seeds a couple of weeks ago. Not much has grown, except the following ...

a mix of different wildflowers
And finally, we filled our raised bed with a variety of leafy greens. I'm so excited to see them grow! :)

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