Friday, March 22, 2013

a new mural in the works

this spring TAF, again, has allowed me to blend their mural arts initiative program with the after school arts program and take a group of kids through the process of creating a mural for the city of lafayette.  we take 8 sessions to brainstorm, sketch, discuss, develop, and install our mural.  the kids ideas are implemented in every step of the process.  i put everything they do through my filter and create something that we can all agree on.

We've had three sessions of discussions and by the end of the third session we'd nailed down some concrete ideas and sketches layouts.  i brought what we did in class home and put it through my filter, cleaning up perspective and details and balancing out the image.  This is what we submitted to the city:

It is based on Picasso's '3 musicians' painting.  i started with an outline sketch of Picasso's painting and then put a pile of musical instruments on the table.  i asked the kids to fill in all the spaces with musical instrument parts or other mechanical parts.  i told them the lines are only a suggestion and we ended up adding 2 more musicians and a ton more shapes and spaces, turning picasso's flat shapes into a steam punk band of robots.

we received approval from the city today.  now if i could just get someone to kick winter out of here we could get out there and get started.

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