Thursday, March 21, 2013

A lovely memorial

Our friend, Lisa N., has organized a really lovely tribute to her mom Sonja (Sunnie) on Facebook. In memory of her, Lisa requested for friends to create a Spring Full of Art, where participants post one beautiful thing per day starting from spring through the summer. I thought it was such a meaningful thing to do, so I told Lisa I would participate!

It's only day 2 but I've had a lot of fun scouring the web for beautiful things. On the first day, I shared with Lisa some artful sandwiches.

Damien Hirst-inspired
this one cracked me up! the Christo-inspired sandwich!
Georgia O'Keefe-inspired. Also wins my vote for the most delicious looking sandwich!

You can see the rest of the sandwiches here! And if you'll like to keep up with my posts "For Sunnie," follow along here.

1 comment:

Lisa N. said...

LOL the Christo one cracked me up too!!

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