Monday, December 26, 2016

September 2016 highlights

Zach painted a new street piece as part of a studio visit from the local art league. Robin Hood and Little John were some of his favorite characters as a little kid, so it was super fun to see them larger than life on a wall! Oodelally oodelally, golly what a day!

September was also all about preparing for the last gallery walk of the season. It is unlikely that we will keep a studio space downtown once we finish setting up the one at home, so Zach wanted to create a some new paintings to exhibit.

This is "Fragmentation," a series of 12 abstract assemblages. Each piece is collaged from previously "failed" paintings, each one bears a unique pattern, each one a blend of old and new.


I have to say, it is pretty amazing to see Zach's creativity at work. This was a particularly arduous series to put together yet he seems to have a way of channeling his frustrations into new creative outlets. Art, in his case, is always about solving a problem. You try, you experiment, you experience, and the results are all the better for the struggle. This also means that there are really no dead ends or impassable obstacles in art. Sometimes, all you need are some new perspectives and the willingness to "destroy" and start over.

p.s. "Fragmentation" is still on display at the studio downtown. If you'd like to stop by and see it sometime soon, send us an email!

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