Wednesday, December 28, 2016

November 2016 highlights

From left to right, first row:

~ We planted more than a dozen mammoth grey sunflower seeds but only one grew. After pulling it up and letting it dry, we harvested more than enough seeds to try again next year! Somehow I think the kiddo will be entertained by the enormous sunflowers and I can't wait for her to see them!

~ Purging! I decided that it was time to declutter the closet so I grabbed some trash bags and went straight to work sorting, tossing, and cleaning. It took me the whole afternoon, but it was worth it. It felt really good to downsize and rid myself of all the things I never wear anymore. Instead of lamenting how I never have anything to wear, my smaller wardrobe is actually filled with more options and things to mix and match! 

~ Jumbo sycamore leaf! We've been thinking of turning our front yard into an arboretum. Apart from the fact that we could use more privacy from our neighbors, it is just nice to have some more trees around. This year alone, we've planted 5 eastern red buds, 2 magnolias, and 2 witch hazels. Next year, the plan is to get some red maples and some evergreens. 

Middle row:

~ We stayed up to witness the super moon and boy was it magnificent!

~ We did not get to spend Thanksgiving with the family last year, so we were excited to be a part of this year's feast! I made this awesome wild rice stuffing with apples, dried apricots, cranberries and bacon. It was super yummy and looked like a bowl of shimmering jewels.

~ We made pumpkin pies as usual. This is the best pumpkin pie, and you can find the recipe here.

Bottom row:

~ Zach and I took the baby to her first art show in Chicago -- "Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis." This painting, "American Totem," (1960) gave me the chills. Lewis brilliantly depicted the racist, hate-filled, ignorant society of his day with abstracted figures and a klan member on the top. I cannot help but fear that history is haunting us. I cannot help but fear for my daughter's future. 

~ It was just another Saturday afternoon when we looked out the window and saw a giant hot air balloon attempting to land in our neighbor's yard! It was a funny and unexpected sight to behold!

~ Thanksgiving hand turkeys. We think this will be a Thanksgiving tradition for us, at least for the next couple of years!

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