Monday, February 29, 2016

a few new prints

while working on the new series of chapbooks, i've also been carving a few individual images. i guess lately i've been kind of interested in the idea of black and white abstraction and images of nature. i've always been enthralled with fractals and op art, and i want to explore that idea through images of the world, as opposed to just straight abstraction. i want to create something that is at the same time abstract and image. i've got some work to do on this idea, judging from these initial steps, but i think this idea will play out as a sketchbook of practice prints in the next chapbook. here are my first few thoughts.

field abstraction
i find looking through the tops of the grass fascinating in all of the overlapping lines and shapes that they create. this piece still perhaps looks a bit too much like a field of grass to capture the abstraction i was seeking, but all those little cut shape details where the black meets the sky were the idea i was going for.

winter night skies
this was just a fun piece about looking at the stars. i love the cold crisp night winter air, and the skies are so clear without all the humidity and pollution. for this piece i actually loosely mapped out the constellations, so if you know where they are and what they look like, you should be able to find them.

landscape in lines
flat landscapes always look like layers of lines to me, so i was trying to capture that idea with a couple of seed mills and power lines along the deep horizon.

there's still a lot of exploration on this idea, but i've been out exploring and taking photos to play around with, and hopefully this can help me move away from the literalism of imagery and into the abstraction of idea.

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