Friday, February 13, 2015

{Five for Friday} 5 Reasons to Stop Obsessing Over Your Phone

1. Improve creativity! Contrary to what you think, being bored is good. Boredom stirs creativity. If you engage your phone as a means to overcome boredom, you inevitably squelch your imagination, and subsequently, your creativity.

2. Connect with the REAL people around you!

3. Helps you sleep better! The blue light that your phone emits is capable of disrupting your sleep. So if you already have problems sleeping, stop looking at your phone in the bedroom!

4. Safety. Duh. You might think you're risking just your life when you use your phone on the road, but in reality, you put everyone around you at risk too. Be considerate.

5. Living honestly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all those other social media sites may have you believing that everyone is leading a better life than you. The truth is, these sites project nothing more than our carefully curated lives. Trust us, our lives are far from perfect. 

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