Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The "Science" of Woolly Worms

You know if there are people out there who believe Punxsutawney Phil can accurately predict the coming of spring, then there are also people who are truly convinced the colors on a woolly worm can foretell the severity of the upcoming winter weather ...

Woolly worms (also known as woolly bear worms, how cute!) are brown and black in color. Folk wisdom suggests the narrower the brown band, the harsher the winter.

Zach tells me it's a little late in the season to be finding woolly worms but last week, I spotted two woolly worms on my walks around the neighborhood!

The size of the brown bands looks to be about the same; not too wide, not too narrow. What do you suppose this means?

p.s. Banner Elk, NC holds an annual Woolly Worm Festival. Check out some of the awesome pictures and learn more fun woolly worm facts here!

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