Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cooking Frenzy

Zach and I just got home from the last Sagamore West Farmers' Market of the season. It was brrrrr ... cold, but it was so nice to get to see our favorite stall vendors one last time and to wish them all a happy Thanksgiving.

We haven't been buying and eating much apples this year. But today, we walked past the apple stall and the Arkansas black apple caught my eye. We sampled a little slice and ended up buying ourselves 5 pounds of apples. These little fruits have the most gorgeous red I've ever seen on an apple; all dark and gem-like, so very beautiful.

Now we are home and the cooking frenzy continues. I am done with my 2 different kinds of dessert, and wild rice stuffing, so it's Zach's turn take over the kitchen. He is going to pickle some beets, make mac and cheese, and a soup. Can't wait to see the family tomorrow!

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