Thursday, December 13, 2012

For Leon

My brother and his wife, Faith, are brand new parents to Asher, who turns a month old today. In traditional Chinese practice, this special day is marked by a big celebration where the baby and his mother are formally introduced to friends and family. Guests will leave the party with dyed red eggs, a symbol of joy and the renewal of life.

I just have to use this space to say how happy I am to see my big brother as a dad. I may not know anything about parenting, but I am sure he will survive all the dirty diapers, tantrums, and meltdowns because he is so lucky to have a great team of supporters behind him. I believe having a child makes you think about the parents you have. It makes you appreciate so much more all the things that they've taught you, done for you, and sacrificed for you. You experience the love they have for you in the love you have for your own child. Leon has great role models in my mom and dad. And so long as he is half the father our dad is, Asher will be adequately raised to meet all of life's challenges.

Zach and I hate that we are not in Singapore to meet little Asher and to rejoice with the rest of the family. This little baby is growing and changing everyday. I don't want to wait forever before I get to see him! And perhaps it's because my dad's been sending me all these cute pictures of Asher the last couple of days that I've just been feeling terribly homesick this week. It is a wonderful joy to be able to make a home and share a life here in the US with Zach, but occasionally I'll have one of those days where I long to be at home with my mom and dad. You know, just a safe place to sit back, relax, and be their little girl again. No worries, no responsibilities, no heavy-heart, no need to write a freaking dissertation. But daydreams aside, I am thankful for the technology that allows for iChat, FaceTime, texts, and photographs. I'm thankful for everybody's effort in keeping Zach and I in touch and updated so we don't have to miss out on too much. Thank you all! And once again, congratulations to Leon and Faith, and to my mom and dad on their precious grandson.

So, this is for Leon and Faith. A charming song by Eddie Vedder (with guest vocals by his daughter), which sounds like a beautiful love letter from a parent to a child.


Nixon K said...

Oh Mindy .... your post brought a tear! I totally understand what you're saying. My trips home are one of the most care free and worry free vacation I take. I only wish I can go home for months at a time but, alas, the two weeks is soon over.

Mindy said...

yeah ... i talk to my dad everyday and my mom every other day, and that does absolutely nothing to ease the longing to be home :( heard your parents will be in town (yay!). enjoy your time with them! happy holidays!

Nixon K said...

Hey Mindy I talk to my Mom a few times a week, my Dad doesn't like to talk on the phone. He emails me. My friends think it is excessive to talk so much to ones parents. Is it, really? Yes, my folk just got in -- I am a child again! Happy holidays!

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