Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Days of Wonky Socks

Okay, so I may have spoke a little too soon about Zach and I not having any Christmas traditions of our own ... We do have a special one. Since we got married around the Christmas season, in lieu of gifts, we take little road trips to buy a Christmas/ anniversary keepsake ornament from a different place every year. Here is this year's ornament we got while we were in Columbus:

And I think we might have just started one on the blog this year. Last Christmas eve, I posted a silly poem about my 12 wonky pairs of socks. This year, we're not only continuing that tradition, but we're also upping the goof factor with a cartoon, singing, and dancing!

p.s. This cartoon was made with a special nod to my father. Instead of buying him something, we had the idea to make him a video. He knows of all the wonderful things he's done for us so we hope he'll also know how thankful and appreciative we are.

p.p.s. those are Zach's feet at the end of the clip! ;)

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