Monday, June 18, 2012

we almost missed our flight ...

We nearly missed our flight back to the US. Totally my fault. I knew we were leaving late at night but I didn't remember we were leaving on the 16th of June (I thought we left on the 17th!). So you can imagine the panic that ensued when we found out we had to leave for the airport in less than 6 hours! Thank goodness I am a diligent packer and most of our things were already stuffed away neatly in our giant suitcases. The only thing I am really upset about is losing an entire day with the family I thought I had. But I am thankful we got to celebrate an early father's day with my dad, and again with Zach's dad on Sunday. Flying across international date lines can be awesome sometimes.

Now we are home and trying to adjust to being back in a whole different world. We left with 2 pieces of luggage and came back with 4 which means there are a lot of things waiting to be unpacked and put away. I am not looking forward to that at all.

What I am looking forward to, is hanging out with this sweet little fellow. He's been my shadow all day. He's sitting on suitcases, nosing around, helping me speed up the process of settling down.

I am so grateful for the chance to be back in Singapore. The last five weeks have been wonderful. Thank you to everyone with took a little time out of their day to be with us. And sorry to those we weren't able to meet up with. We promise we'll be back soon.

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