Tuesday, June 26, 2012

home improvement tuesday

home improvement tuesday was installing a book case the size of an entire wall in our living room to hold our television and its components and as many of our books as we could fit. we were hoping to include some dvds and cds also, but as we kept piling in books, it became quite apparent that digital media would have to wait for another day. mindy then had to painfully go through her stash and try to weed out some of the older books that she could actually fathom parting ways with. and yes, it was every bit as dramatic as it sounds. we got rid of a total of 13 books.

the reason for the new book case was to clear out our pantry (which was used to house books for the last 6 years), so we can clear out our kitchen cabinets, so we can clear off our counter top.

i started with $300 in wood and another $50 in paint, brackets, and extra bullshit and came up with a simple stacking box design on a base.

i spent the weekend cutting and assembling the boxes, then mindy joined me yesterday and we painted with a thin layer of brown paint.  after setting up i went to put in the tv, and it didn't fit.  so i tore apart the box of the tv and altered it enough to make it fit.  lucky.  it did fit.  mindy hooked up the tv and the cable box and all the electric stuff.  then we began clearing the books from the pantry.  we emptied the pantry then took the majority of the books from the rest of the house.  the shelf is looking good for now.

next it's putting the doors back on the pantry and filling it with something other than books ...

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