Saturday, January 14, 2012

occasionally, you need a treat ...

It's hard to stick to a healthy eating regimen if all you're doing is denying yourself. Having a "No chips!", "No sweets!", "No fun!"- mentality is probably the fastest way to fail. You try to eat healthy, but sometimes you need a treat too ... Enter radiation s'mores!

If you like fancy schmancy s'mores, you'll want to check out the recipes in this book.
And for even s'more ideas ...

s'more cookies (via

s'mores oatmeal (via

s'mores pancakes (via

nutty banana s'mores (via

And my personal favorite, the s'mores chocolate bar! If you've always dreamt about customizing your own bar of chocolate, you need to visit Chocomize. The site is sweet and addictive and I love it!  

S'mores are bite-size happiness.

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