Monday, January 16, 2012


8am: wake
make coffee
load the show into the van
9am: leave for kentucky
stop for gas
frost still settled on frigid trees
10am: indy
then fields forever
11am: bloomington
i'm hungry
i haven't eaten yet
12pm: stuck in traffic into louisville
3 interstates merging into a 3 lane bridge
genius civil engineering
1pm: almost to elizabethtown
frost still on shaded foothills
and searching for exit 91

...we arrived at elizabethtown community and technical college a bit after 1pm to install county fair.  i had planned to install on friday but then it snowed, so we opted for sunday instead.  we met the gallery director and unloaded the show.  the large cases are all on wheels now, so i rolled them out of the back of the van and right into the gallery.

the gallery space is HUGE.  the piece itself is quite large, coming in at over 7' tall and taking up a 12' x 12' chunk of floor, but this space dwarfs the piece.  the lights are set so that the piece is spotted in the center of the space.  

mindy set up the camera and began shooting installation shots and video, and i began assembling the show.  i opened the cases and hooked up the lighting and video.  i placed the ferris wheel, the carousel, and the fair queens.  i set up all the ducks, bottles, and other games.  then i placed all the animals in the barn and on the magnet board and plugged everything in.

my favorite thing about this installation is its 'street fair' set up.  everything is housed in the 2 cases and all the rest of the parts fit into one box, alongside the ferris wheel and carousel.  all of it carefully stuffs into the back of my van.  then it all unfolds and stacks into the show.  set up time: 45 minutes from unload to plugin.

turn the cranks to move the ferris wheel and the fair queens mobile
bottles game with ceramic baseballs
light boxes, a new addition to the installation!
the marching band gets a new crank and backdrop

we shot a few slides talked to the director a bit and packed up our one box and my drill and headed back to west lafayette.  

2:15pm: pack and leave elizabethtown
stop for a snack at wendy's
the frost gone from the foothills
3:15pm: out of louisville with no traffic issues
fields of nothing forever again
5pm: indy
exit at washington street 
eat early dinner at bosphorus cafe
shish kebab for me
stuffed cabbage for mindy
6pm darker
leaving indy with headlights
7pm home
hello cat couch
and a packers loss

the show is opens on tuesday and is up through february 9th with a closing reception and a short lecture on thursday, the 9th from 3-4pm...

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