Friday, November 18, 2011


Most couples I know register for a new set of fine china when they are getting married. Kim Kardashian, as ABC News reports, had a set of Hermés black and white dinnerware on her list. Of course, we all know by now that her marriage lasted a whooping 72 days. Those Hermés dishes, in comparison, will last much longer with proper care and affection ... except that is not the point. The point is, every bride-to-be always plans for a brand new set of dinnerware. 
Hermes Balcon Du Guadalquivir Black Bread and Butter Plate

I was the same. I coveted and received new dishes too. The only difference is, Zach made all of mine. We only had twenty guests at our wedding, and he made all the dishes that were used at the dinner reception (that I then got to keep). He also made the tea set for the traditional tea ceremony that we had with the family.

Zach loves making me things for the kitchen that he won't make for anyone else. He likes focusing on the imagery and simplifying the forms of the things he makes to sell. I like function and form. But either way, in addition to the wedding dinnerware and tea set, I've also accumulated one of a kind  soufflé  dishes, a colander, a berry bowl, two noodle bowls, a sturdy pair of mixing bowls with apple-print, giant mugs, one very goofy casserole dish ...

You see that casserole dish with the wonky cows in the first picture? I absolutely love it. We used to break that out when we bake beef stew, but lately, it's also been put to use for ratatouille ...

If you love vegetables, you'll want to try the recipe. It's delicious. :)

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