Monday, November 10, 2014

Small Spaces: Whistler's Mother Sewing Sol LeWitt's Quilt

today, after reading more shit punditry about our project from the local edition of the national enquirer, mindy and i decided we needed to forget that garbage and get some painting done.  it seemed that today was the only good weather day this week, and probably the last decent day in a while.  so we decided to get out and collab on the east side of Sylvia's Brick Oven.  

mindy had this vision of doing some color pattern work (using a technique she tried out while i was working on the Bauer mural over the summer) and lately i've been enamored with messing with classic paintings.  so our collab became Whistler's Mother Sewing Sol LeWitt's Quilt.  i think this is my favorite painting experience of this project.

mindy and i work together on most things, but this is the first time we have really combined our ideas into something like this.  it was so fun for me to get to take pictures of her painting, instead of the other way around.

we had a great day, chatting with people who stopped by, and getting some bold color up between the raw brick walls at sylvia's.

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