Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Build a Tiered Plant Stand

We are so excited it's almost gardening time again! Last year, we planted our first vegetable garden in containers on our patio. We started with a small collection of mostly herbs and 8 tomato plants in our raised bed. As we moved into midsummer, we acquired some dwarf varieties of fruiting trees and shrubs, we planted okra and Chinese vegetables, and our patio became overcrowded with pots. 

This year, we are tackling our space-challenged patio with some simple building projects. Tiered plants stands are expensive. The two below, for example, cost between $150-250 each.

We wanted something similar; plant stands that would take up vertical space instead of precious square footage on our patio. So we headed to our local hardware store (Menards) and started brainstorming. This is the design/ stand we ended up with:

garden patio plant stand
front view
DIY tiered plant stand
side view

And how much did we spend, you ask? Less than a hundred bucks, or $90.40 to be exact. It was such a simple project that took less than 2 hours to cut and assemble. Here's how we did it ...
Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

And done!

We now have a super efficient plant stand that is 54 inches tall and 8 feet wide, and only 42 inches deep! Can't wait till it's warm enough to plant our first seeds!

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