Tuesday, November 15, 2011

muggy weekend

as you can see we have a sparkly new title bar. hooray for finally firing the letter blocks.  the robot on the mug in the background was NO help.  damn lazy robots.  other than that it was a muggy weekend in the dungeon studio.  i wrote a poem about it. wanna hear it?  here it go...

wedge. size. pile.
center. dive. pull. 
open. pull. foot. 
wire. lift. place.
repeat 138 times.  

wedge. size. pile.
pull. flatten. pull.
cut. score. slip.
curve. tack. stick.
repeat 138 times.

thrown, handled, and printed

it was really that kind of weekend.  i'm really not looking forward to staining and glazing all of this stuff. but i certainly look forward to firing it.  and seeing what it looks like when it comes out of the kiln.  i was in the studio from the time i got up until the time i went to bed, skipping 3 hours on sunday to watch the bears pummel the lions.  mindy ate an allergy pill and spent several hours in the basement with me printing mugs and making ornaments.  outside, the november winds that rip the last leaves from the trees whipped and wheezed past the windows.  in indiana if you have a perfect day in november to clean up the yard with a rake, the next day will surely blow them all back where you didn't want them.  so bright, cheerful and wonderful saturday turned to a sunday grumbling mess of grayness as everyone saw their efforts returned by the weather. i didn't rake anything.  i made mugs.  people always tell me i'm lucky that i get to make pots for a living. and i agree, but its not all its cracked up to be sometimes.  its a pain like every other job sometimes.  when i'm done with a project like this, my back is sore, my arms are shaking tired, my hands are raw, and my mind is numb.  but i think of it like running.  soreness goes away, and i have to be self-motivated enough to push on through.  the reward is building toward something.  i'm thankful to be lucky enough to get to build toward whatever 'something' is.  up next is staining and glazing.

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