Monday, June 27, 2016

Painted Closet Doors for the Baby's Room


For the baby's room in the new house, we decided to skip the traditional nursery look and make her room a visual playground instead. Closet doors are usually plain and boring, but Zach had this vision that it would make a perfect canvas for a large room mural. So we brainstormed the different "objects" we want in it, and then he took the doors off and finished the project in an afternoon.

The doors are filled with bright colors, contrasts, patterns, and a lot of little things that will hopefully make her mind play. We also added the cat in the lower right corner, and put a ladybug and a bee for the door handles.

zach edler

We hope she'll love it. She seems to for now. And if not, we can always take the doors down and paint on a new collage!

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