Friday, January 29, 2016

Chapbook: A Humble Pot of Beans, part 1

i'm starting another new chapbook today. i spent the better part of the week drawing and doing the lay out. this one is going to be a small recipe book revolving around black beans. i make black bean soup often, and usually i make more than i need so that i can have leftovers, but it gets pretty boring eating bean soup all the time. so for this new chapbook i've taken one pot of beans and transformed them into 4 meals and 2 snacks or sides. if you are wanting to give meat a rest for a week, this will be the book for you!

sketchbook ideas, recipes, and layout.
as i started thinking about this recipe book project, i realized that i do this every week. when the food is running low, i sit down with mindy and we hash out what we want to eat for the next week, planning our menu. so this is just an extension of my weekly meal plan.

we always have leftovers and i am not much for eating leftovers, so i always have to find ways to reinvent what i made for dinner last night. sometimes successfully, sometimes i make garbage soup. so, for this book i make it a point to find ways to make different meals using the same main ingredient.

the full block...this is gonna be a nightmare to cut
beans are the perfect base for making a lot of different meals, so i went with my favorite: black beans.  the recipe book starts with making a big pot of bean soup, then convert those cooked beans into bean burritos, cajun bumblebee, and bean burgers. then there are two side dishes or snacks made from the leftover leftovers: bean dip and black bean cole slaw. in all, there are 10 recipes. all of which i wrote out backwards on the block. my eyes went crossed on many occasions.

i'm just starting the carving, i'll keep posting updates. follow @zmedstudios on IG for real time updates. hopefully these will be ready in a week or two!

burrito instructions

isn't soup the best thing ever?

my black bean soup recipe if you can read backwards

grocery list

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