Wednesday, August 19, 2015

birds on the balcony

Today i installed a new mural in the Sovereign Catering Office at the Fowler House in downtown Lafayette.  it's titled 'birds on the balcony.'

zach medler

This is a tiny room with a window and door and a balcony, but it feels quite claustrophobic in there, so my initial thought was to simply make the space feel bigger, and i wanted to pull in some of the architectural and upholstery details from the historic home.  all the of the patterns and features are taken from other parts of the house, like the staircase and the dining room ceiling.

zach medler

and lastly, to make the space feel alive, i mixed in some disney-style birds flying around and sitting on ledges. it's a fun space with a calmness in all the ornate layers.  i hope it makes for an inspiring work space for my friends at Sovereign Catering. you can visit them at


zach medler zmed

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