Friday, July 31, 2015


After small spaces last year, i began tossing around ideas and finding ways to raise money to do something like it again this year.  i approached the economic development office in town with a couple of plans and they in turn offered some other plans and ideas that others had mentioned. in the end we wrote and received a grant from the state office of rural and community affairs to install several large scale public art projects.  Alleypalooza was one of those projects. it developed out of a event that we had hoped to do as part of small spaces last fall, but ran out of good weather, time, and money to do.  so this year, we planned ahead to create this music/art/community festival that will take place in september.  i'm the lead artist for the mural installation, and i'm hoping to have a lot of collaborators to create a mural that represents the diversity of ideas and expression in our community. we will be creating a character mural in the spirit of a family photo utilizing the styles and techniques of up to 20 different artists.  i can't wait to go through the submissions and start seeing what people come up with.

for more information, click here.

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