Sunday, December 18, 2011

dear delta airlines

dear delta airlines,

you stole our money.  mindy's grandfather died and we needed to cancel our plans to go to vegas and seattle.  you stole our money.  you would not allow us to cancel our flight.  only 'change our itinerary' at the cost of 50% of the ticket price.  fine.  but we do not even get the other 50% returned to us.  and the phone operator would not even guarantee us an email confirmation that we could use our remaining 50% on a different flight.

wait a minute.  back up a moment.

last week mindy received a call from delta informing us that our return flight from seattle had an 'equipment change,' meaning they switched to a smaller plane and were overbooked.  she asked if we would like to give up our seats, leave 6 hours earlier, and fly through memphis with a only a 40 minute layover time.  um. not really. but we'll discuss it and get back with you.  we decided to stick with the original flight even though we were not guaranteed to have seats.

then last night mindy's grandfather lost his long bout with illness.  we quickly changed all the flights for her parents and got them booked and on their way home for the funeral.  we decided that since we were flying to vegas to spend time with them there, that it would no longer be worth it for us to go alone.  so we decided to cancel our trip in the wake of everything that was going on.

back to the non-cancelation cancelation. also would not let us cancel our hotel room in vegas, for the 2 nights we were staying there.  ok that sucks and i feel screwed, but at least they weren't rude about it.  with hotwire screwing us and delta screwing us, we're now in the hole nearly $650, not counting the 50% of our airline ticket price that is rightfully ours to use, that we are not guaranteed to be able to use, making a grand total of nearly $1K in screw jobs from the travel industry.

so in the end we tried to cancel a flight that you changed on us.  and when you would not let us cancel it and made us only 'change our itinerary' you also make it difficult for us to use the remaining money you are holding hostage. what a load of shit.  thank your delta for being horrible to my wife on the phone.  stealing my money.  holding the rest of my money hostage like you're some kind of terrorist organization.  and generally making my holiday vacation hap-hap-happy.  fuck you very much, you shitty deceptive corrupt bunch of economic terrorists.

us and every other customer you've screwed over and treated like shit

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