Saturday, October 22, 2011

building a suburban neighborhood in 3 days

50 some odd porcelain houses

building a suburban neighborhood in 3 days.  just like the real deal beazer homes that popped up every other week when i was a kid.  we have 10 house templates and you can choose your own floor plan.  visit our model home.  notice the fine amenities that we can equip your new home with.  customized to look like exactly your neighbor's home, but different.  all for that low beazer price.  the difference i guess is that my porcelain houses will not succumb to the cheap-chinese-drywall-mildew-death syndrome that all the pop-up housing editions were plagued with.

this is a new installation i'm working on entitled 'sprawl' and these are the initial houses that will create the cul-de-sacs and little editions that spread across the gallery space and up the walls.  growing up in the suburbs i saw my town double in population while i was in high school.  housing edition after housing edition popping up like video on the old VH1 show.  each had its own name on a little sign as you entered the edition.  pleasant meadows or oakwood or pine village.  something inane and washed out like a painting you buy at the mall.  my brothers and i referred to them as vinyl villages.  which makes for an interesting contrast considering i'm making my houses from porcelain.  

the extreme perspective is caused by a size difference between the houses in the foreground and those in the background


there is still a lot of work to be done on this show as these are only ready to be bisque fired for the first time.  my hope is that this is an installation i can continue to add pieces to and change each time i show it, in the same way i've done with some of my other work.  

ps. my latest mixed media installation piece, "post-industrial," is currently on display at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA. you can find a write-up of the show here.

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